We are different…

Customer Centric Company
We at UMANG treat every outsourcing contract as a relationship and put in a little extra efforts to nurture it to provide our clients something which they haven’t asked.. something which makes them happy.


Success by Protocols
We have set coding, testing and documentation standards which we comply by. We are also open to any new standards and protocols which are followed at our clients side.


Transparency in Workflow
Right from the project requirement understanding and analysis to the delivery and deployment, We make sure the progress card of your project is infront of you!


Employee Oriented Organization
UMANG is an employee oriented company unlike other Indian companies which are employer oriented. We give utmost importance to employee satisfaction by focussing on their career growth and work-life balance.


Innovative Minds
Innovation is the very means of our existence. Creativity with Simplicity in complexity is what defines the innovation to us!!


Western Touch & Culture
Goan lifestyle and culture is influenced by western countries, which makes Goans accept new people and ideas with open mind.



We believe…

~ that every problem has a solution and we strive to make things possible.
~ in continuous learning ,applying new information and skills that would make a difference to the world.
~ in transformational leadership that challenges and motivates the organization to implement new ideas and to put passion and energy into everything.


We value…

~ the success of our clients and we make every possible effort to deliver products or services that would contribute to the success of our clients.
~ Team Work; We build a star team, not a team of stars.This means that all the team members are given equal opportunities to grow while focussing on common organizational goals.The results can be seen in the solutions we provide to our clients.
~ Innovation; Innovation drives growth.We create and re-invent new products and services that would make a positive change to efficiency, productivity and quality of the services we provide to our clients.